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Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 7: MTA, Cuomo, De Blasio, Public Housing...

Connecting the dots....let's chat MTA funding, Cuomo, De Blasio and Public Housing all rolled up into one.  We'll reach out to the Eno Center For Transportation.

And what's up with another Con Ed explosion (this is getting routine as our President would say).  We'll connect with our underground plumbing source (gas is plumbing fyi).

Along with all the other NYC news and the usual insights from Commentator Lorraine and weather, wisdom, and nutrition tips from NYC Weatherdude.

Plus you won't want to miss this pop-culture barometer: at the end of the show we will play the video of the No.#2 Hot 100 Song in The USA.  Yes - a first on What Really Matters, a Justin Beiber song:

Remember "If it's Wednesday, it's What Really Matters NYC".  
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