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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 23: Who Was Cheo Feliciano and Who Is Adriano Espaillat?

Cheo Feliciano died last week.  A popular Salsa signer, Cheo represented a connection home for many New Yorkers.  We'll speak with an Artist who loved Cheo so much he painted a large mural of him in the Bronx (which interestingly is now part of the same voting "district" as Harlem).  And we'll play a very old version of Cheo's song "Anacaonda" recorded in Venezuela.

We'll also reach out for the story under the story - about overall Hispanic representation in Representative Rangel's district.

Plus all the other news of New York (have you heard about the floating pool?), Commentator Lorraine and the Weatherdude. All live 8PM Channel 34.

And if we have time we will play the No. 3 Radio Song in The USA which is Katy Perry's "Dark Horse"

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